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Becoming an Effective Leader of a Team (BELT)


To train team leaders to enable and empower their teams and team members to fully live out God's calling on their lives

Desired outcomes:

  • that each leader will develop and implement a plan to strengthen his team members' intrinsic motivation
  • that each leader will incorporate the coaching skills practiced in the seminar into his leadership style
  • that each leader will take the steps needed to build trust with his team members
  • that each leader will incorporate the skills in conflict resolution on his team.


Participants' Resource Folder

  • pre-seminar reading
  • hand-outs for the sessions
  • additional articles

Date: June 5-8, 2011 (just prior to Eurasia Family Conference)

Place: Sanderhof, Lemgo, Germany

v Hotel website: (the text can be translated on the google search page)


Ukraine Leadership:
Herb and Kim Burkett, Bob and Sherri Divozzo, Andy and Holly Rist, Alfie and Julie Mosse´, Eric and Josie Oldenburg, John and Leanne Paetkau, Greg and Patti Wilton, Steve and Nancy Wooden

Russia Leadership:
Leif and Jami Gustafson, Rick Kirschman, John and Sharon Wicker, Ken & Lisa Zuk

International Office: Carl and Lori Kresge


Ken Guenther, M & C 


Anita Hallemann
Marcie Williamson

Devotional Leaders:

Ken Zuk, Bob Divozzo, Robin & Jan Pocklington