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  • Brief History of SEND North

    “Brief History of SEND North”\\-Dr. Gary J. Ridley Introduction:\\\\The mission organization known as SEND North began as Central Alaskan Missions (Incorporated in New Jersey in 1936). CAM became a...

  • Japan - Language and Culture

    **LANGUAGE-RELATED TOOLS / WEBSITES:** *[[|Japan’s Language and...

  • Japan - Resources for Ministry

    JAPANESE LITERATURE / WEBSITES FOR SHARING CHRIST WITH THE JAPANESE:   **//Manga Bible Series//**. Available from New Life Ministries Copied from the website: 'Manga is known worldwide as a big...

  • Japan Area resources


  • Ministry Development Tools

    **Ministry Description** - Every Team Member should have a Ministry Description on file. These are developed at initial ministry assignment and reviewed near the completion of Home Service. Please...

  • Northern Ministry Preparation Guide


  • Russia and Ukraine

    = Resources available for those working in Russia and Ukraine = See [[|SEND Russia pre-field reading list]]\\\\See...

  • SEND North

    Resources for SEND North

  • Spain

    See [[|SEND Spain pre-field reading...

  • Taiwan

    See [[|Taiwan pre-field reading list]]\\ === Alain Haudenschild's research === *Alain's blog -...

  • Teaming in SEND North

    SEND North strives to place members into geographic or regional teams in the Alaskan and Canadian Bush within hub villages and in the villages surrounding the hub, not unlike satellites orbiting...