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Engaging Unreached

Theory on Unreached People Groups

Data on Unreached People Groups

Methods for Reaching the Unreached:

Personal Evangelism Training

Phases in discipleship

Materials for use in Evangelism / Discipleship:

  • Three free apps to use in sharing your faith
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Power for Living - to use in evangelism. It opens with testimonies from believers then goes into an explanation of the Gospel.
  • The Concise Bible - civers Genesis to Revelation in an illustrated, easy-to-understand format
  • Essential History Genesis Revelation - a small booklet that gives a cleaar, illustrated presentation of the Bible Story from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Honor Shame Evangelism Tool - this app has been translated into Hindi, Arabic, Croatian, Persian/Farsi, Turkish, and Portuguese. They are translating it into Mandarin, French, Russian, Marathi, German, Telugu, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.


Muslim Ministry



Diaspora Ministry