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Home Service (US Sending Office)

Introduction & timeline

We are looking forward to coming alongside you as you prepare for this home service and then for your next term of ministry. Our desire is to empower you and see you thrive in the ministry where God has called you! A successful home service depends on effective communication and coordination between you, your field leaders, the US office, and your sending church. We know that every situation is different and some elements may still not be clear or might not fully apply to your situation, so feel free to contact Becca Schlacht or your Member Care Coach with any questions. We are here to serve you! 

​​​​​​​Home Service Time Line


  1. Objectives (4-6 months before HS)
  2. Budget Worksheet (3-5 months before HS)
  3. Contact Form (1-2 months before HS)
  4. Housing/Payroll Info & W-4 (see IRS Withholding Calculator for help) (1 month before HS)
  5. Private Housing Form (first month of HS)

Home Service Income Form
Faith Promise Form
Faith Promise Form to Copy/Paste into Email
Reimbursement Voucher
Finance Form (for field treasurer only)


Reconnect Retreat
Upcoming Dates:

  • Summer: July 15-19, 2019

Cost estimate calculator

SEND North America Annual Conference
TBD (Please contact Denise Allen ( for details.) 


Travel Health America (Medical clearance): If you have questions regarding the medical clearance process, please contact              your Member Care Coach or Travel Health America at (972) 812-0030 or (888) 356-2020, or through e-mail at                         Please click here to see an overview.
Home Service Salary and Housing Guide (updated April 2017)
Finance Guidelines (updated June 2017)
Training Resources (conferences)
Retreat & Renewal Centers

Prayer card and PMB ordering information
Home Service Vehicle and Transportation Resources
SEND Insurance Benefits: Medical, Dental, Disability, Life
Hospitality Homes: 

Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy: Effective January 1, 2015, the purchase price of one mobile phone and monthly service plan for one phone may be reimbursed as a Home Service expense after review by US Personnel to confirm that it is a reasonable expense (max $50 for phone and $50/month for plan). Requests for an exception to this can be directed to your Member Care Coach and reviewed by the Director of Personnel and Member Care.
Once approved, the monthly expense for succeeding months may be included as a normal voucher item. The cost of additional phones or monthly service plan for additional phones is a personal expense.

Member Care Contact Information

Bruce Cannon (Director, Personnel & Member Care)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 104, email:

Mrs. Brown (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 708-770-7021, email:

Jill Hemingway (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 160, email:

Stacey Lovett (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 309-269-9817, email:

Betsy Wambach (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 152, email:

Kristle Rice (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 165, email:

Teena Embaugh (MK Coordinator)
Phone: 330-428-5376, email:

Becca Schlacht (Administrative Assistant, Personnel & Member Care)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 109, email: or (secure)