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Japan - Resources for Ministry



  • **//Manga Bible Series//**. Available from New Life Ministries Copied from the website: 'Manga is known worldwide as a big part of Japanese culture. In places where we cannot send Bibles (such as Islamic countries), manga can be sent in and the Gospel can be spread. This Biblically-faithful manga provides easy access to the Gospel for youth, and are especially effective in areas where there is a lower literacy rate. The first installment of the manga series has been translated into over 26 languages and has been distributed and used the world over.'


  • Ayako Miura books. Shiokari Pass 塩狩峠. Freezing Point 氷点. The Wind is Howling 道ありき. amazon japan


  • Power For Living was printed in Japan by New Life Ministries in January 2007. It opens with testimonies from believers, and then goes into and explanation of the Four Spiritual Laws in an expanded form. (NOTE: Not sure whether this resource is still available.)



  • The Concise Bible was also printed in Japan by New Life Ministries with it`s latest edition in July 2011. As the title suggests, it covers Genesis to Revelation in an illustrated, easy to understand format. *Visit their website:


  • Essential History (Genesis to Revelations) was written by Hideki Mitsui. It is a small little booklet that gives a clear, illustrated, bilingual presentation of the Bible Story from Genesis to Revelations. *Visit the website:
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