Cross-cultural Servanthoodby Duane Elmer.
Duane Elmer asked people around the world how they felt about Western missionaries. The response? "Missionaries could be more effective if they did not think they were better than us." The last thing we want to do in cross-cultural ministry is to offend people in other cultures. Unfortunately, all too often and even though we don't mean it, our actions communicate superiority, paternalism, imperialism and arrogance. Cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer gives Christians practical advice for serving other cultures with sensitivity and humility. He offers principles and guidance for avoiding misunderstandings and building relationships in ways that honor others.

media type=custom key=6024373 by Bertha Neufield & Mildred M. Morehouse. History of SEND International in Japan. A must read! Possibly you can borrow or buy this one from the SEND IO or USO.

Thrive In A New Place (SIM)
A great little booklet by SIM, to be used in a mentoring relationship with new missionaries. It is intended to be used weekly over the course of several months.


Anthropology and Sociology

media type=custom key=5870885 by Ruth Benedict. This is a famous cultural study of Japan during WWII and shortly after. The material is generally outdated, but valuable in showing the foundational principles of Japanese culture.
media type=custom key=5870871 by Norma Field.
media type=custom key=5870875 by David C. Lewis. Christian anthropologist's research
media type=custom key=5870897 by Takeo Doi. Doi, a Japanese sociologist, explains what he considers the central element of Japanese culture.
media type=custom key=6024273 by Chie Nakano
Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Created its Own Lost Generation by Michael Zielenziger
Silence by Shusaku Endo
Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering by Makoto Fujimura

Church History and Growth / Evangelism in Japan

media type=custom key=6024397 by Ravi Zacharias. Zacharias' imaginary conversation between Buddha and Jesus (comparative religion).
Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan by Makoto Fujimura
The Japanese and Christianity: Why is Christianity Not Widely Believed in Japan by Samuel Lee

Culture and Customs of Japan

media type=custom key=6025421 by Jon Condon. Although it's a thin book, Condon's explanations of Japanese culture are invaluable.
media type=custom key=6024627 by Edwin O. Reischauer. Even though slightly outdated, this is a great book to get the "big picture" on Japanese culture and customs.
The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture by Roger J. Davies

History of Japan

media type=custom key=6024615 by Edwin O. Reischauer. An excellent overview of Japanese history and culture from pre-history through 1980.
Japan From Pre-History to Modern Times by John Whitney Hall

Japanese Christian Authors

The following books would serve as excellent gifts for your Japanese friends.
media type=custom key=6024481 by Tomihiro Hoshino. The autobiography of a famous Japanese Christian artist who also happens to be quadriplegic, due to a gymnastics accident.
media type=custom key=6024465by Ayako Miura, translated by Bill & Sheila Fearnehough. A wonderful novel illustrating sacrificial love. This novel was a bestseller and was even made into a feature film. Ayako Miura was a popular novelist and poet who presented Christianity in a positive light, opening up many Japanese to the gospel. She has written many other books, too (道ありき、氷点、etc.) https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E4%B8%89%E6%B5%A6-%E7%B6%BE%E5%AD%90/e/B000APW0IK/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1507347177&sr=8-2-ent

Religions of Japan

media type=custom key=6024441 by Sokyo Ono. An explanation and overview of Shinto.
media type=custom key=6024577 by Yoshihito Takada & James Vardaman. The best and most easily understandable presentation of Japanese Buddhism.
media type=custom key=6024553 by Soyen Shaku and translated by D.T. Suzuki. Reprint of Sermons of a Buddhist.
media type=custom key=6024533 by Isamu Yamamoto. This is the best overview of Buddhism available from a Christian perspective.
Why are the Japanese Non-Religious? Japanese Spirituality: Being Non-Religious in a Religious Culture by Toshimaro Ama

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