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MOP February 2015


MOP purpose and objectives


MOP Curriculum

Session Handouts

Week One

Feb 9
Feb 10
Feb 11
Feb 12
Feb 13
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Formation
Expectations /Ethnography
Child Protection
Intro to church plantingKenCouples: Marriage matters
Larry & Joyce
Singles: Going by myselfbut not aloneWilma
Moral Purity
P. James
Safety & SecurityJonUnderstanding NA culture
TeamingKenThe Web & Security
Leading your family overseas
Online course debriefDarlene Multi-cultural teamingDarleneICS debriefKen
Spiritual WarfareP. James

Week Two

Feb 16
Feb 17
Feb 18
Feb 19
Feb 20
Spiritual FormationKenSpiritual Formation
Establish reproducing churches
Day Alone with GodIntentional Living
SEND History & ValuesWarrenEngage the unreached 
Saying Good-byeDarlene J.
Mobilize God's peopleWarrenWell done! / SEND U
Prep for DAWG
Working with the National Church

MOP Evaluation

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MOP Daily Announcements

  • Remember to complete the adult and child datasheets and email them to Marcie Williamson (
    • The International Office keeps confidential records about each member and the children living with them so that in the event of an emergency, the Crisis Management Team will have sufficient data to make informed decisions. Please download the Adult Data Worksheet and the Child Data Worksheet (if you have any children living with you), and save them in a "security" folder on your computer. Then make a copy of the file for each adult and child in your family. Fill out the forms for each adult and child on your computer, save them to the "security folder" on your computer, and then email the completed worksheets to Marcie Williamson at In your missionary career, you will be expected to periodically update these data forms. It is good to keep copies on your computer so that they can be quickly edited and updated.
  • If you would like to be included in the SEND U Facebook group, please request to be a FB friend of Ken Guenther

Child Pages (21)

  • Disciple-making - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Disciple-making = == Facilitator: Wilma Limjoco == == == == Description: == So many of us feel like we do not have the gift of evangelism but through this session each person...

  • Expectations & Ethnography - MOP Feb 2017

    = Title of session: Expectations and Intro to Ethnography = == Facilitator: Darlene Jovellanos == **Expectations**\\**Description:**\\This is an introductory session where we explore participant’s...

  • History and Values - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: SEND History, Values and Structure = == Facilitator: Warren Janzen, International Director == **Description:**\\This session opens with a reminder of what lies at the core of...

  • ICS debrief - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Intercultural Competency Skills (ICS) Debrief = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == **Description:**\\This session debriefs the participants’ results on the ICS inventory of 12...

  • Intentional Living - MOP Feb 2015

    = Intentional Living = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == Will your life and ministry be any different because of what you have learned at MOP? According to Dallas Willard, it is...

  • Introduction to Church Planting - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Introduction to Church Planting = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == == == Description: == This session introduces various roles for church planters, and shows the strengths and...

  • Leading your family - MOP February 2015

    = Title of Session: Leading Your Family Overseas = == Facilitators: Jon E. == == Leading Your Family Cross-Culturally == === Description: === This session will examine the dynamics and habits of...

  • Marriage Matters - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Marriage Matters (for married couples) = == Facilitators: Larry & Joyce Thiessen == == Description: == This session will identify key habits of successful marriages in...

  • MOP-up

    **MOP-up = Member Orientation Program under pressure** *the [[|MOP-up...

  • Moral Purity - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Moral Purity = == Facilitator: Pastor James Aberin == == == == Description: == This session will focus on the various aspects of sexual purity for singles and married couples,...

  • Multi-cultural teaming - MOP February 2015

    = Title of Session: Multicultural Teaming = == Facilitator: Darlene Jovellanos == == Description: == The objective of this session is to understand how God is raising up workers from many nations...

  • Online course debrief - MOP Feb 2015

    == Facilitators: Darlene Jovellanos == == World View – first week of MOP online == * **Description** – The middle section of Roland Muller’s book, the Messenger, the Message and the Community is...

  • Saying Good-bye - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Saying Good-bye = == Facilitator: Darlene Jovellanos == == Description: == Moving and saying goodbye are frequent occurrences for missionaries and their families. How do we deal...

  • SEND mission statement - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Mobilize, Engage and Establish = === Facilitator: Warren Janzen, International Director === == SEND Mission Statement: Mobilize == **Description:**\\What does it look like to...

  • Singles - MOP February 2015

    = Title of Session: Going By Myself, But Never Alone (for singles) = == Facilitator: Wilma Limjoco == **Description:**\\Often one of the greatest fears for men and women who are single and...

  • Spiritual Formation - MOP Feb 2015

    = Spiritual Formation = == Facilitators: Larry Thiessen, Ken Guenther == In the first few sessions, we will emphasize the importance of the participant's walk with God as a missionary, or...

  • Spiritual Warfare - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Spiritual Warfare = == Facilitator: Pastor James Aberin == == Description: == The student will understand that we are in a spiritual battle with a relentless, yet defeated,...

  • Teaming - Expectations and Accountability - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Teaming: Expectations and Accountability = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == SEND International is committed to teaming, but teams in SEND vary greatly in...

  • Understanding NA Culture - MOP Feb 2015

    = Title of Session: Understanding North American Culture = == Facilitator: Darlene Jovellanos == == == == Description: == Although incorporating people from many diverse cultures into SEND is one...

  • Well done - MOP Feb 2015

    = Well Done! (A definition of success for missionaries) = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == We all long to hear those cherished word “well done, good and faithful servant. Come and...

  • Working with the National Church - MOP Feb 2015

    = Servants and Partners: Working with the National Church = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == Where possible, SEND seeks to partner with the existing local churches in the host...