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MOP February 2016

MOP Schedule

MOP Curriculum

Session Handouts

Week One

MondayFebruary 8TuesdayFebruary 9WednesdayFebruary 10ThursdayFebruary 11FridayFebruary 12
Spiritual Formation
Ken Guenther
Spiritual Formation
Ken Guenther
Spiritual Formation
Ken Guenther
Spiritual Formation
Gary Ridley
Spiritual Warfare
Frank Severn
Online Course Debrief
Gary Ridley
SEND Values - Engage
Warren Janzen
Child Protection Policy
Rich Ramirez
Singles: By Myself, But Not Alone
Judy Severns
Ken Guenther
Gary Ridley
SEND U intro
Ken Guenther
Four Cultures Game
Marcie Williamson
Gary Ridley
Couples: Marriage Matters
Scott & Leslie Powell
Leading Your Family Overseas
Powells & Judy Severn
Ken Guenther
SEND Values - Mobilize
Warren Janzen
Safety & Security
Rich Ramirez
Globalization & Multicultural Teaming
Don Parsons
Judy Severns
Working with the National Church
Ken Guenther
SEND History, Values 
and Structure
Warren Janzen

Week Two

SundayFebruary 14MondayFebruary 15TuesdayFebruary 16WednesdayFebruary 17ThursdayFebruary 18FridayFebruary 19
Ethnic Church DebriefGary RidleySpiritual Formation
Ken Guenther
Spiritual Formation
Ted Szymczak
Spiritual Formation
Ken Guenther
Day Alone with GodWell Done
Ken Guenther
SEND Values - Establish
Warren Janzen
Disciple Making
Gary Ridley
Intentional Living
Ken Guenther
Saying Good-bye
Ted Szymczak
Moral Purity
Gary Ridley
M Community Visit
Tim Mindling
Intro to Church Planting
Ted Szymczak
MOP Evaluation
Ken Guenther
ICS Debrief
Gary Ridley

MOP Evaluation

To be completed on the last afternoon.

MOP Daily Announcements

Monday February 15, 2016

  • If you know you will be missing a meal in the MEC, please let Marcie know ASAP so Bertha can have an accurate count for meal prep.
  • Please take a peek at the documents on the table in the back of the training room that need your attention...
    • form 1 - fill out if you need a magnetic name badge. Sample is by the form.
    • form 2 - parent's address information. Warren Janzen sends a Christmas letter to parents of those who have left for the field within the year. If it is not appropriate for him to send the letter, please just note N/A by your name. Otherwise....I will start bugging you for their address. :-) For those whose parents do not speak English, we will do our very best to have the letter translated into the language you indicate.
  • Events for this week....
    • Tuesday is the Muslim outing to Hamtramck. Dress warm! Shoes will be removed at the mosque so make sure your socks are presentable! :-) Also, it is easier if you have shoes/boots that are easy to slip on and off. Ladies will wear head coverings in the mosque. If you have a scarf that covers your entire head, bring it along. If not, Karen Mindling will bring some that you are welcome to borrow. We will have lunch at a local Bengali restaurant and then do a little shopping along Bengali Street. We will be back in time for a light supper and a time of debrief with Tim and Karen Mindling in the MEC.
    • Wednesday evening you will be participating in a Regional Dinners in an IO Staffers home. More info to come in an announcement on Monday or Tuesday.
    • Thursday will be your Day Alone with God, aka DAWG. This is always a highlight of MOP. Ken will share more details with you in Spiritual Formation sessions this week. You will also receive a list of places you can go for the day. Sack lunches will be provided. Some choose to fast during this day. If you feel led to do so, please let Marcie know so Bertha can have the right amount of food on hand.

Friday February 12, 2016

Happy Friday!!

  • Today you will be signing security documents during the lunch hour. Please make sure you bring a government issued photo ID for notarization purposes.
  • Tomorrow is a free day! Let Marcie know if you would like some ideas of local outings if you would like to do something off campus. Supper will begin at 5:30 in the MEC.
  • Sunday you will have the opportunity to visit a local ethnic church. Sunday night we will gather for dinner at 5:30 in the MEC for Chinese food and an ethnic church debrief after the meal. You will receive more details this afternoon about your church assignments.

Wednesday February 10, 2016

  • Today is testimony day!! This is a favorite for many of the office staff. Thanks in advance for sharing what God has been doing in your life!
  • Today is also picture day!! As soon as chapel is over we will meet outside the MEC to have our MOP picture taken by Keith Baum.
  • Tonight the ladies will be venturing out after dinner for a ladies gathering at Ann Baur's home. Ann lives right close to SEND so pile in the cars that are available and we will see all the ladies there around 7pm. This is will be a casual time together so come comfy!
  • Friday all security documents will be notarized. Please remember to bring a photo ID with you!!

Tuesday February 9, 2016

  • There is a supply of international power strips, adaptors and a transformer on the back table in the training room. These are free for the taking!
  • Tomorrow is the first of our two testimony chapel times. Just a few reminders:
    • kindly keep to the 5 and 10 minute time frame! we need to finish chapel by 12:15 so the staff can get to lunch and back to their responsibilities by 1pm. thanks!
    • couples have 10 minutes
    • singles have 5 minutes, but the gals from Canada are an exception. Since this is the first time Kaitlyn, Carol and Ana have been on campus you each have 10 minutes. Canadian gals, please include your salvation story in your 10 minutes.
    • all testimonies should include your name, where you are from, where you are going, what you will be doing and for those who were here for COP, what the Lord has been teaching you during this time of partnership development.

Monday February 8, 2016

Good Morning! Hope you had a good night's rest and are ready for the week ahead. Know that many here are praying for you as you begin this two weeks of training.

  • Today for lunch you will be eating off campus for Fast Food Assignment. Kiddos will go with parents for lunch and you all will be assigned to various locations. Gary Ridley will explain more prior to the lunch hour.
  • Tonight right after supper Ann Baur (Corporate Security Admin. Asst.) is going to give you a briefing (in the MEC) on security documents that you need to have completed prior to leaving for the field. This will be a short session that everyone must attend. The forms will then be notarized on Friday at lunch.
  • Just a reminder to see Ann Baur (sits at the front desk) during breaks to get your official SEND name badge.
  • If you need items printed during the week you can find an instruction sheet on the back table in the training room.
  • Just a reminder to check the kitchen and MEC restroom schedules for your clean-up duties. Thanks for your help with these logistical items!

Sunday February 7, 2016

WELCOME TO MOP! We are glad you!
Just a quick reminder to make sure you bring a hard copy of your ICS results to the first session tomorrow morning.


Child Pages (27)

  • Child Protection Policy - MOP February 2016

    == Title of Session: Child Protection Policy == == Facilitator: Rich Ramirez == == Description: == This session will focus on procedures to follow should you become aware of an abusive, or...

  • Couples - Marriage Matters - MOP February 2016

    = = = Title of Session: Marriage Matters (for married couples) = == Facilitators: Scott & Leslie Powell == == Description: == This session will identify key habits of thriving marriages in...

  • Disciple Making - MOP February 2016

    = = Title of Session: Disciple Making == Session: Gary Ridley == === === == Description: == So many of us feel like we do not have the gift of evangelism but through this session each person will...

  • Ethnic Church Debrief - MOP February 2016

    = Session Title: Ethnic Church Debrief = == Facilitator: Gary Ridley == ==== Description: ==== ==== The objective of this activity is to provide an immersion cross-cultural experience in the local...

  • Ethnography - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Intro to Culture and Ethnography = == Facilitator: Gary Ridley == ==== ==== ==== ==== **Description:**\\This session will involve a discussion of what culture is and how...

  • Expectations - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Expectations = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == === === ==== ==== **Expectations**\\**Description:**\\This is an introductory session where we explore participant’s expectations...

  • Globalization and Multicultural Teaming - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Globalization and Multicultural Teaming = == Facilitator: Don Parsons and Judy Severns == == == == Description: == The objective of this session is to understand how God is...

  • ICS Debrief - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Intercultural Competency Skills (ICS) Debrief = == Facilitator: Gary Ridley == **Description:**\\This session debriefs the participants’ results on the ICS inventory of 12...

  • Intentional Living - MOP February 2016

    = Title: Intentional Living = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == Will your life and ministry be any different because of what you have learned at MOP? According to Dallas Willard,...

  • Intro to Church Planting - MOP February 2016

    = Session: Intro to Church Planting = == Facilitator: Ted Szymczak == == == == Description: == This session provides an introduction to SEND's foundational calling as a church planting mission. We...

  • Leading Your Family Overseas - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Leading Your Family Overseas = == Facilitators: Scott & Leslie Powell and Judy Severns == == Leading Your Family Overseas == === Description: === This session will examine the...

  • M Community Visit - MOP February 2016

    **Title of Session: M Community Visit\\Facilitator: Tim Mindling** **Description:**\\We will travel to one of the most local ethnically diverse suburb of Detroit called Hamtramck. We will visit the...

  • Moral Purity - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Moral Purity = == Facilitator: Gary Ridley == == == == Description: == This session will focus on the various aspects of sexual purity for singles and married couples, explore...

  • Online Course Debrief MOP February 2016

    == Facilitator: Gary Ridley == **(with thanks to Darlene Jovellanos, the facilitator of the online course)**\\ == Getting to Know Each Other and Defining Worldview and Culture - first week of MOP...

  • Safety & Security - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Safety & Security = == Facilitator: Rich Ramirez == === === === === == Description: == Why do we devote more than a total of 2 hours to Safety and Security and Child Protection?...

  • Saying Goodbye - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Saying Good-bye = == Facilitator: Ted Szymczak == == Description: == Moving and saying goodbye are frequent occurrences for missionaries and their families. How do we deal with...

  • SEND History Values and Structure - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: SEND History, Values & Structure = == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == ==== **Description:** ==== This session opens with a reminder of what lies at the core of SEND: seeking and...

  • SEND U intro - MOP Feb 2016

    = MOP presentation of SEND U = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == A short introduction to SEND U, explaining how the training, coaching and resources provided by SEND U can help you...

  • SEND Values - Engage - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: SEND Values Engage  = == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == === === **Description:**\\We will never establish reproducing churches unless we are effective at engaging the unreached....

  • SEND Values - Establish - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: SEND Values Establish = == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == **Description:**\\We are not trying to bring “church in a box” to every people. There is no “one size fits all” when it...

  • SEND Values - Mobilize - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: SEND Values Mobilize = == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == **Description:**\\What does it look like to mobilize a person into missions? What are our biggest opportunities? Or...

  • Singles - By Myself, But Not Alone - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: By Myself, But Not Alone = == Facilitator: Judy Severns == **Description:**\\Often one of the greatest fears for men and women who are single and considering cross cultural...

  • Spiritual Formation - MOP February 2016

    = Spiritual Formation = Facilitators: Ken Guenther, (Carl Kresge,) Gary Ridley and Ted Szymczak\\In the first few sessions, we will emphasize the importance of the participant's walk with God as a...

  • Spiritual Warfare - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Spiritual Warfare = == Facilitator: Dr. Frank Severn, Director Emeritus SEND International == == Description: == The student will understand that we are in a spiritual battle...

  • Teaming - MOP February 2016

    = Title of Session: Teaming: Expectations and Accountability = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == SEND International is committed to teaming, but teams in SEND vary greatly in...

  • Well Done - MOP February 2016

    = Well Done! (A definition of success for missionaries) = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == We all long to hear those cherished word “well done, good and faithful servant. Come and...

  • Working with the National Church - MOP February 2016

    = Servants and Partners: Working with the National Church = == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == Where possible, SEND seeks to partner with the existing local churches in the host...