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July 8
July 9
July 10
July 11
July 12
Spiritual Formation
Well Done
Moral Purity
Don J
SEND History & Values
SENDUKenFour Culture Game
Leading Family Overseas
Fast Food Culture
Safety & Security
Marriage in a Cross-Cultural SettingPowells Working with the National Church
Intro to Culture
The Web & Security
Tim & Ken
Going by Myself but Not AloneDarlene & Judy
Multi-level Cultural analysisLisa MK Educational IssuesJudy
Spiritual WarfareDon P

Week Two

July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
Child-Protection Policy
Day Alone with GodIntentional Living
Teaming: Expectations & Accountability
Intro to Church Planting
Stages of Adjustment
Multi-cultural Teaming
Don P
Saying Goodbye

Child Pages (28)

  • Child Protection Policy - MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Rich Ramirez == == Description: == SEND International has a Child Protection Policy, and we treat all potential child abuse situations very seriously. Rich Ramirez, Director of...

  • Day Alone With God - MOP July 2013

    = = Many who have gone through MOP say that this day is the highlight of their entire training experience. \\\\On this day, you will not have any group sessions or classes. You will spend the day...

  • Disciple-Making - MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ron Hardy == == Description == So many of us feel like we do not have the gift of evangelism but through this session each person will realize they can do life on life discipleship...

  • Engage the Unreached - MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == == Description: == We will never establish reproducing churches unless we are effective at engaging the unreached. Through case studies and group discussion, we...

  • Establish Reproducing Churches MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == == Description: == We are not trying to bring “church in a box” to every people. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to how people gather and worship our...

  • Expectations MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == Description: == This is an introductory session where we explore participant’s expectations for our MOP program and then connect that to their expectations for...

  • Fast Food Culture MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == Description: == One tool for learning about a new culture is ethnography. This session defines ethnography and briefly discusses the differences between...

  • Four Culture Game MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == Description: == This game gives the participant the opportunity to design and act out a certain cultural rule. Each participant will be placed in one of 4...

  • Globalization & Multi-cultural Teaming MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Don Parsons == == Description: == The objective of this session is to understand how God is raising up workers from many nations to fulfill the Great Commission and how we can...

  • Going by Myself but Never Alone MOP July 2013

    == Facilitators: Darlene Jovellanos & Judy Severns == == Description: == Often one of the greatest fears for men and women who are single and considering cross cultural ministry is the fear of...

  • Intentional Living MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == How is it possible for you to get everything you need to do, done? By living intentionally you will be able to give order to your life and work as...

  • Intro to Church Planting MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ted Szymczak == == Description == This session addresses facilitating church planting in our context and reviews what the scripture says about the centrality of the Church in God’s...

  • Intro to Culture MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == Description: == This session begins with a card game called "5 Tricks". After playing the game we spend some time talking about cross cultural lessons that can...

  • Leading Your Family Overseas MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Scott & Leslie Powell == == Description == This session will examine the dynamics and habits of life that promote healthy family life in the cross-cultural mission setting.\\ ==...

  • Marriage in a Cross-cultural Setting MOP July 2013

    == Facilitators: Scott & Leslie Powell == == Description: == This session will identify key habits of successful marriages in cross-cultural settings that promote continuously growing and...

  • MK Educational Issues MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Judy Severns == == Description: == This session will review the many options for educating missionary children in areas where SEND works. Each educational option presents challenges...

  • Mobilize God's People MOP July 2013

    **Facilitator: Warren Janzen** **Description:**\\What does it look like to mobilize a person into missions? What are our biggest opportunities? Or biggest barriers? How can everyone be involved in...

  • Moral Purity MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Don Johnson == == Description: == This session will focus on the various aspects of sexual purity for singles and married couples, explore reasons why maintaining sexual purity...

  • Safety & Security MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Rich Ramirez == == Description: == Why do we devote more than a total of 2 hours to Safety and Security and Child Protection? Our manual states that, “SEND International believes...

  • Saying Goodbye MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == Description: == Moving and saying goodbye are frequent occurrences for missionaries and their families. How do we deal with the grief and loss that are a normal...

  • SEND History & Values MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Warren Janzen == == Description: == This session opens with a reminder of what lies at the core of SEND: seeking and saving the lost (Luke 19:10). This brief overview of the origins...

  • SEND U & MOP-up MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == SEND U is SEND International's training department, and is an initiative of the International Office of SEND. This session will give a brief...

  • Spiritual Formation MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Carl Kresge == == Description: == These sessions are an interactive, discussion-oriented focus on the participant's walk with God as a missionary, or maintaining and nurturing an...

  • Stages of Adjustment MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman == == PowerPoint: == *[[|Stages of Culture...

  • Teaming, Expectations & Accountability MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == SEND International is committed to teaming, but teams in SEND vary greatly in style, function, size and leadership. This session will explore...

  • The Web & Security MOP July 2013

    == Facilitators: Tim Mindling & Rich Ramirez == == Description: == The Internet is both an excellent tool for communication with our donors and potential candidates, and a significant security...

  • Well Done MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == We all long to hear those cherished word “well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share your master’s happiness.” But what does it look...

  • Working With the National Church MOP July 2013

    == Facilitator: Ken Guenther == == Description: == Where possible, SEND seeks to partner with the existing local churches in the host culture rather than starting our own “SEND brand” of churches....