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Marks of Effective and Sustainable Life and Ministry

  • Go to the Marks wiki page for more information.  This resource was developed by the 2014 SEND Eurasia Leadership Development cohort.
  • The downloadable PDF contains a self-assessment tool for helping missionaries achieve and maintain personal health in key areas of life and ministry.  It also contains a directory of resources that can address issues discovered through the self-assessment tool above

Dealing with the Busyness and Stress of Ministry

Books on Member Care

Mentoring Missionaries

  • Mentoring New Missionaries - This is an excellent EMQ article from 2008 with a great rationale for the need to mentor new missionaries and specific ideas as to how to do this. This could provide the foundation for a great proposal/recommendation. For SEND members only.
  • Questions for Mentors/New Missionaries - This is a very simple, one-page list of questions in 5 keys areas that all new missionaries are faced with: language study, cultural adjustment, spiritual health, personal/family adjustments, and church involvement. This just gives an idea of some of the kinds of practical questions that could be discussed between mentor and mentee.
  • Thrive in a New Place (SIM) - This is a great little booklet put out by SIM, again to be used in a mentoring relationship with a new missionaries. It is intended to be used weekly over the course of several months. Included are great questions, covering a range of topics, as well as evaluation tools. Again, a great little tool that could easily be adapted to a particular team/field.

Member Care Radio

  • Daily radio programs from Member Care Media. Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR ( specially prepared for cross-cultural workers whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult regions. The program content not only reminds them of God’s promise that He is with them to the very end of the earth, but also addresses changing needs from recruitment to retirement.

Overcoming in the Struggle with Pornography