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Member Orientation Program

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MOP is a training program of the International Office of SEND International, and is required for all members of SEND prior to their departure for their field of service. Appointees are qualified to attend the Member Orientation Program once they have reached 66% of their monthly financial support requirements.
The curriculum and objectives of MOP are established by SEND U, SEND's training department. Regardless of whether the MOP is held in North America or Asia, the instruction is all in English.

Intro to MOP

Online component

The Member Orientation Program training begins with a 5-week online module. See the syllabus for the online course here.


SEND U conducts an onsite Member Orientation Program two times a year in two different locations.

  • The MOP in Farmington, Michigan is held every July, just prior to the SEND USA Family Conference. This MOP is intended primarily for those appointees coming from North America (USA and Canada), Europe and Latin America.
  • The MOP in Asia has been conducted in Quezon City, Philippines. The curriculum and objectives are almost identical to the MOP in Farmington, although the majority of the facilitators were from Asia or had served in Asia as SEND missionaries. The MOP in Asia is primarily intended for appointees from Asia, although a few of the participants come from other sending areas outside of Asia. The handouts, schedules, announcements and other relevant information for MOPs held in Asia can be found here on the SEND U wiki.


MOP exists to equip missionary appointees and their children for effective transition into fruitful intercultural ministry with SEND International. To accomplish this purpose SEND seeks to:

  • foster the participant’s commitment to the regular practice of nurturing one’s relationship with God
  • deepen the participant’s understanding of SEND’s values and mission statement
  • equip the participant to address the challenges they and/or their family will face in a cross-cultural context
  • introduce the participant to ministry strategies and skills needed in cross-cultural ministry

MOP objectives ​​​​​​​

Upcoming Member Orientation Programs Scheduled

  • MOP July 2018 in Farmington (with 3 days of pre-field security training preceding it)

Previous MOPs

MOP Training Topics and Objectives

MOP Reading List

This reading must be completed before the missionary leaves for the field. There are two parts to the MOP reading list:

  • General reading list (for all MOP participants)
  • Field-required reading list - Field specific reading is to be completed by appointees before their first departure for the field. From the list provided appointees should complete a minimum of 400 pages of reading. See Individual country reading lists

Resources Used For MOP Online

Defining Worldview & Culture

Understanding Culture & Personal Cultural Values

Culture Stress

Incarnational Ministry & Sacrifice


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