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Missio Nexus Personnel Conference

Training Missionaries to Lead Their Peers

(clinic by Ken Guenther, Director of SEND U)

Recognize the reality

Missions are led by reluctant leaders

-Warren Janzen's article in EMQ on reluctant leaders - an EMQ subscription will be required.

Create a Leader Profile

Start with the outcome we seek to accomplish

-SEND leadership profile

             - Team leader profile
             - Area Director profile

Assess our Starting Point

Get a realistic picture of where our leaders are at

-Impact Field Leader survey

-Impact Field Leader resources

            Ken Harder's blog -
            2009 Summary report - the survey in which SEND participated
            Stewardship of field leaders diagram
            Series of blog articles about onboarding

Count the Cost of Leadership

Recognize that we have to unlearn as well as learn as we transition into leadership

-Overview of The Leadership Pipeline by Charanm, Drotter and Noel- See excerpt

-The Leadership Pipeline in SEND - adapting the 6 passages to fit SEND International's leadership structure

Develop a Leadership Training Process

Holistic, individualized, just-in-time, ongoing ... and not too expensive

Orientation for new leader

uses A Vision of the Possible: Pioneer Church Planting in Teams by Daniel Sinclair. Best book on leading mission teams. PDF version available for download

              equips team leaders to develop an outcome-based job description
     New Leadership Couples' Orientation

Individualized help

-Coaching resources
                 + Coaching page on SEND U wiki
                 + Creative Results Management - the premier training for cross-cultural mission leaders
       - Rekindle meetings - Quarterly meetings of supervisor with field leaders for purposes of accountability and encouragement
       - SEND Supervisor's Guide for helping team leaders design IDP (based on the SEND Team Leader Training Curriculum)
       - SEND U wiki resources for leadership development 

Lifelong learning opportunities

-SEND Team Leader Training Curriculum
       - Becoming an Effective Leader of a Team (BELT) regional conferences
       - Training at Directors' Council on story-telling 

Communities of practice

- New Leadership Couples' Orientation (as needed)
- Online course for team leaders (annual)
- Leadership and Wives' retreats (once every 4-5 years)
- Directors' Council (each year)
- Becoming an Effective Leader of a Team (BELT) regional conferences

Measure the Results

Are our leaders less reluctant and more confident and capable?

-some evaluation tools used by SEND

-more needed