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Multicultural Teaming Workshop, Spain

Facilitated by Darlene Jovellanos

Desired Outcomes:

  • each participant will have committed to some specific next steps to not just survive but thrive in their multicultural team context.
  • each team will have committed to a few next steps to overcome the unique challenges of multicultural teaming.


  1. Session 1 - Realities of Multicultural Teaming in SEND
  2. Session 2 - Digging Deeper into Cultural Diversity
  3. Session 3 - An Exercise in Building Team Awareness
  4. Session 4 - Responding to Cultural Diversity
  5. Session 5 - Planning for Progress as a Multicultural Team

Session Materials:


Other resources:

Erin Meyer's "Culture Map"

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Sarah A Lanier's Hot/Cold Cultures

Lingenfelter's 12 paired Values

Intercultural Communication Video Case Studies

Book - "Leading Multicultural Teams"

Working with Americans