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Recommended Podcasts

Missions and ministry

  • Global Missions Podcast - Produced by SEND Canada and the Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives. Hosted by Rob Magwood (Mags), SEND Canada Director. A show for Christ-followers who want to participate more effectively in God's work both at home and to the ends of the earth.
  • Missio Nexus - Missio Nexus has 2 different podcasts available.
    • Interviews on various mission topics by Ted Esler, president of Missio Nexus are available to all. Published every 2 weeks
    • Members only podcasts are available to all SEND members, since SEND is a member of Missio Nexus. These podcasts include the audio portion of webinars, author interviews and special recordings of select events.
  • The Disciple Maker's Podcast - The Disciple Maker’s Podcast exists to tell stories about disciples of Jesus who are effectively making disciples in North America (and beyond)

Bible, theology, apologetics


  • The Global Leadership Summit - In this twice-monthly podcast, you will learn from the world’s top leadership experts as they share insight on topics such as self-leadership, vision and organizational growth. With fresh, actionable and inspiring content, the GLS Podcast is the perfect resource for leaders on-the-go. Ken Guenther highly recommends this podcast.
  • Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership. This weekly podcast is hosted by Ruth Hayley Barton and is an excellent challenge to leaders to keep first things first and to build their leadership along with personal transformation. From their podcast description: "In each 30-minute episode you will discover how forging and maintaining a life-giving connection with God in the midst of leading is the best thing you bring to your leadership."


  • The Briefing - a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview by Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary. Highly recommended by a number of SEND leaders.


  • The History of Byzantium - a highly recommended podcast telling the story of the Roman Empire from 476 AD to 1453. Very helpful in understanding Eastern Orthodoxy.
  • Revisionist History This is a podcast by Malcolm Gladwell, author of excellent books like David and Goliath and Outliers. Each week covers things from the past that have been overlooked or misunderstood. Challenging and enlightening, the tag line reads "Because sometimes the past deserves a second glance."