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SEND U wiki

Resources available for those working in Russia and Ukraine

See SEND Russia pre-field reading list

See SEND Ukraine pre-field reading list

See Appointee Requirements - Russia

Russian Christian Resources: Bibles, Books, Tracts, DVDs, Audio and more. Compiled by World Christian Missionary Resources.

Teaching materials in Russian from Jay Francis
Spiritual gifts inventory in Russian
Books by Randall Hillebrand, a CrossWorld missionary serving in Ukraine (offered in PDF format in English and Russian) - can be downloaded for free

Orientation reading list for German missionaries coming to Russia
Several of John Piper's books available in Russian and Ukrainian from Desiring God (translated by In Lumine)
Some more of John Piper's sermons (audio & video) and books in Russian
Back to Jerusalem (book about the Chinese church mission movement) in Russian.
ImpactingWorld - Helping kids learn about missions (in Russian, with translations to Ukrainian & English)

Unreached People Groups unreached people group profiles in Russian language
Prayer guide for the unreached people groups in Ukraine

Prayer guide for the unreached people groups in Russia