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SEND U wiki

Recommended free software:

  • Calibre - an e-book manager
  • Doodle - an online scheduling tool. Recommended by Ken on SEND U blog.
  • Evernote: used by many in SEND to organize notes, projects and to-do lists.
  • Fences - organize your computer desktop by creating containers or fences for your icons
  • Google Drive and Google Drive apps, like Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawing and Quick Office. Integrated into Gmail, and comes with 15 gb of free online storage space.
  • LastPass - password manager for web browsing. Remember one password and the program remembers all the rest. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Open Office - free office software, replacement for Microsoft Office
  • PDF-XChange Viewer - a free PDF viewer that is much better than Adode Acrobat Reader and allows annotations and highlighting. Helpful when you are watching webinars and want to take notes on the "slides" file.
  • Goodreads - an Amazon website that keeps track of your library and what you have read and when (paper books as well as e-books).
  • Skype- probably the primary method of voice communication within SEND
  • Toodledo - free web-based to-do list. Works well with GTD system (Getting Things Done)
  • Trello - a collaboration tool that organizes your projects and ideas into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.
  • XMind - free mind mapping software (great for brainstorming and planning)

Bible software:

  • StudyLight - a very complete web-based set of Bible study tools all available for free
  • Logos Bible software - a vast range of biblical and theological resources are available in this system, but the resources are not free.
  • E-sword - Free Bible software, with many free resources (mostly older works in the public domain).
  • NET Bible Study Application - free resource based on the New English Translation (NET), with lots of notes and resources
  • - Logos Bible Software' free web-based Bible software. Everyone gets access to many Bibles and some Bible study tools. If you own some Logos resources, you can access them in as well.
  • Biblegateway - Many Bible translations (including mutiple languages), some Bible study tools, and devotionals