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Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Upcoming recommended training events

SEND U has signed an agreement with Crosswired to provide self-paced independent modules in various learning paths. Each learning path contains various learning modules, some developed by SEND U but most created by other mission organizations or by Crosswired staff themselves. A typical Crosswired module takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete and you can access them at any time without joining a scheduled class. The tracking function will save your progression on each module so take your time and pace your learning. Your personal learning dashboard is available as well, so you can see your overall progress through the different learning paths. Click here for more info.

Other online training modules

Pre-field Training

  • SEND International's Member Orientation Program - generally offered in July in Farmington, Michigan, and in February in the Philippines
  • SEND's Candidate Orientation Programs - each SEND sending area provides initial orientation to SEND International and training in support discovery.
  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movementcourse
  • Kairos course - a shorter version of the Perspectives course, used widely in the Philippines, Ukraine and many other countries for missions awareness and mobilization
  • Educational Planning Seminar-MK - Educational Planning Seminar (MK Education/SHARE)
  • MissionPrep- build on the training philosophy of Missionary Training International, but located in Toronto
  • Gateway Training for cross-cultural service - Langley, BC, Canada
    • primarily pre-field training in cross-cultural skills, language acquisition, and church planting
    • staffed by WEC International, but suitable for missionaries headed out with other missions as well.
    • Weekly modules from January to April, each year. Three-month cross-cultural internships follow.
  • Center for Intercultural Training- Union Mills, North Carolina
    • primarily pre-field training, but a significant percentage of participants are missionaries who have completed one or more terms.
    • they offer the pre-field Second Language Acquisition class on-site for 12 days.
    • Gary & Karen Griffith, formerly with SEND in South Central Europe are instructors at CIS.
  • ICCT(Institute for Cross-Cultural Training) at Wheaton College
    • The Institute for Cross-Cultural Training (ICCT) equips individuals called to global mission fields with skills for learning another language and culture and prepares them for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
  • (Mission Training InternationalMTI) - the organization that used to share the Farmington campus with SEND and now located near Colorado Springs
    • COMPASS --MTI's Second Language Acquisition combined with pre-field training

MissioNexus training resources

SEND is a member organization with MissioNexus, and this means that any member of SEND International can participate in any of the webinars or web workshops at no cost, and can download any of the previously recorded webinars at no cost. Chandelle Body at the primary administrative contact for SEND. She can add new or delete staff from the organizational profile; if you had a profile on the old website (prior to 2016) it was transferred to the new one but you must request a new password to login. 

  • Webinars - live or downloadable (seminars on various topics, led by experts in their field, generally about 1.5 hours
  • Workshops - downloadable webinars on a particular topic, generally about 6 sessions each.
  • Leader's Edge - monthly book reviews of recommended new books in the areas of missiology, spirituality and leadership emailed to all members who create a profile on the Mission Exchange website

SYIS - Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills

Continuing Education Opportunities

(on this page)

Church Planting Training

Muslim Ministry Training - see this page

Muslim Ministry Training - see this page

Conference for Men who Serve as Pastors and Christian Workers

  • Basics Conference - a yearly conference in Ohio. A mix of Bible teaching, breakout sessions, and meals, our conference aims to encourage and equip pastors to do the basics of Christian ministry well (most of the time). Given the unique responsibilities and challenges of life in ministry, we also hope that God might use the conference to refresh pastors and send them back to their home churches renewed for further Gospel work.

Leadership Training