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Training Tracks May 2017

Assistant Director search

Thank you to all of those of you who have written and expressed interest in serving in SEND U. It was encouraging to see so many people respond, and although I can't appoint all of them to this role, I expect that a number of those who wrote will have some role in SEND U in the future. I don't have an announcement yet, but hope to be able to do so in the next month or two.

New Wiki Editors Found. More Needed

In April, we welcomed Jim Stamberg and Andrew Brown as new contributors to our SEND U wiki. Jim has been adding material to the country-specific pages for SEND North, and more is coming as some of these pages are still in process. Andrew has joined Melissa Gianolla in updating the US Home Service wiki pages. This past month, Marcie Williamson has also updated the Marriage and MKs wiki page. All that to say that the wiki is a place where all SEND members can contribute resources and helpful links. Yes, Darlene Jovellanos is the wiki administrator, but she is not the only one who can edit or add material to the wiki.

We have had several calls for additional resources on the Youth Ministry wiki page. Does anyone want to take up that challenge?

Audio biographies available

In the past I have noted that I regularly listen to audiobooks as a way of continuing my learning while I am out running or walking for exercise. I recommended Christian Audio's website where they offer one free Christian audiobook as a download each month. This month's free book is a biography by Steven Lawson on Martyn Lloyd-Jones - The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. A number of other biographies by Lawson in his "A Long Line of Godly Men" series are also available as audiobooks for $4.98 each right now. I am particularly interested in the biography of Martin Luther and the one on William Tyndale, given that this year we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Crosswired site for SEND U being developed

A few months ago, we introduced SEND to Crosswired, an online learning platform that a number of other mission organizations like OMF and TEAM are using for training their members. Crosswired offers short self-paced, independent study courses so that you can study a topic on your own when it is most convenient for your schedule. SEND U is in the process of developing a partnership with Crosswired, that will give us the capability to develop some of these self-paced online courses for our members, and also give us access to many different courses developed by sister missions for their members. We will have a special SEND U site on the platform where SEND members will be able to see all the different self-paced courses being recommended by SEND U, and also track your own learning path. The cost will be $35/person for a whole year of access to as many courses as you would like to take - a very reasonable price, we believe. More information to come. SEND U will continue to offer online courses for groups on Grow2Serve, because that platform is more suited for the whole group courses.

Keep Learning,


Ken Guenther

SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine